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Nightclubs & DJ Promotion

Photography is now a staple tool for event promotion, and for the advancement of individuals in the entertainment industry. My nightclub promotional imagery has had a huge impact on those who've hired me, growing their nights and creating an incredible buzz through the use of photography on social network sites.

The Habit DJ collective have described the work I've supplied them as being..
"fundamental to the growth of our club nights and our brand, with stunning imagery that we can't get elsewhere. Lee has an eye for the commercially successful image, and also for the artistic and striking images that show the energy of the whole experience in a way that is not normally seen. His photography has been crucial to us because the work he supplies creates a buzz and is a real online talking point, leading to sell-out crowds, month after month. We cannot recommend him highly enough, and see him as an essential aspect of our promotional activities."

Prices for this type of highly aesthetic promotional work begin at just £150, dependent on location and the specific needs of each client, to ensure that you get what you want from the imagery. I generally supply around 100-200 images from each event, supplied formatted ready to go straight online and start creating the excitement and interest in the night or the DJ's concerned. I can also create slideshow videos with music and upload them onto YouTube for you to share and direct people towards, and I can include images on specific sites where they can be seen by hundreds of potential clubbers who follow my work and are active on the club scene.

Get in touch if you would like to chat about your nightclubs promotional needs, or if you are a DJ looking to get a profile shoot or grow your own club night.
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